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Travelling and Learning

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Travelling is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. It can be one of the most transformative experiences of your life. Whether it's for business or pleasure, there are plenty of opportunities to learn something new. It allows you to explore new cultures, learn about different ways of life, gain new perspectives, and develop valuable insight into yourself and other people. Moreover, it will help improve your English communication skills.

Knowing English is important when travelling because it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Consequently, it makes your journey straightforward, safer, and more enjoyable.

You will be able to easily navigate airports and other transportation hubs, find your way around cities, understand signs, maps, and notices, book accommodation, read menus, and purchase tickets for attractions or events quickly without having to waste time looking for someone to help you, and even reduce the chance of being taken advantage of if you seem clueless of what's going on around you. Having a basic knowledge of the English language can also prove beneficial during an emergency while overseas. Knowing how to ask for help or explain medical conditions can save time and potentially even lives in case of an accident or illness.

You can make the most of your travel experience because you will be able to interact and connect with locals, meet new friends and acquaintances, and better understand the culture and customs of the country you are visiting.

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On the other hand, travelling itself can teach us so many valuable lessons and help shape us into better versions of ourselves, in whatever form. As for me, it changed my life in so many ways. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, grow as an individual and become more confident. It taught me self-awareness and a deeper appreciation of life and the world around me. It helped me develop my worldview and to be more adaptable and open-minded about our different cultures, beliefs, and values.

Travelling gives us new experiences and perspectives, all of which can broaden one's horizons and grant us life-changing realisations. We learn to be respectful and appreciative of other people's cultures and traditions. When we travel, we see how diverse the world is and how people from different backgrounds have their unique ways of living.

Isn't it amazing just how much you can learn about yourself when you travel? You get to discover more of who you are as you explore new places and experience unfamiliar situations. You find out how much you know or do not know about the world and start reflecting on how you live, your opinions, feelings, and thoughts about different aspects of life. With all the learning and awakening experiences, you get the chance to become better, if not the best version of yourself. And for me, that is the best souvenir, the greatest gift one could receive from travelling.

In a nutshell, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer -- rich in beautiful lifelong memories, experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and valuable life skills. To make the most out of any journey abroad, it is important to have some knowledge of English as it can help you get around more easily, access important information and communicate with other people. With good English communication skills and ambition, we can make great things happen and live a more fulfilling and profound life.

Take advantage of all the lessons travel has to offer. Go have an adventure.

Enjoy learning! Happy travels!

Would you like to talk about your own travelling and learning stories? Are you interested in having a "travel conversation buddy" to support you in developing your English skills?

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