Hello. Thanks for taking out time to check up my blog. **cheers**. My name is Damilola Oludemi, I am a creative writer, blogger and storyteller. I love to travel and write about places, culture, food and lifestyle. I admire the beauty of nature so much which makes traveling a whole lot of a big thing for me. I get excited on visiting a new place and meeting new people. Interesting conversations, where I get to discuss contemporary life issues and lifestyles, this excite me a lot. I love creative writings of beautiful stories. I enjoy bringing alive images, dialogues and scenes through story telling.

Hobby to profession

Blogging for me started back in 2016 just after my 100Level in the University. The desire to blog grew out of my passion to share information and educate people which later turned to a career for me. I also have a passion to create concepts and content for blog sites, digital marketers and brand communication. I love to meet new people, faces,  make acquaintances and have great fun. Wish you a nice stay here as we travel along different cities, towns and villages. #DemiCares.

Reviews in the comment section are very well appreciated as this will help the blog improve better.

About Demitalks Travel Blog

Demitalks is a thriving travel blog that focuses on giving well detailed stories and experiences about travel, lifestyle, culture, people and food  as I visit various cities across the world. Demitalk Travel Blog organises tours with fantastic tour packages every once in a while where fun seekers and adventurers can come together and have absolute great time together.

Also on being a lifestyle blog, it explores contemporary life issues, interviews and write-ups about prominent people in the society. Getting to write about the people I meet along the line as I travel and their stories, hopefully, this will help shape the perspective of so many people on life, issues and cultures.

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