At The House Of Susan Wenger, Adunni Olorisa…

At the House of the adorable Susan Wenger a.k.a Adunni Olorisa. The white Austrian woman who was a Priestess of Osun goddess, Osogbo Nigeria.

Adunni Olorisa, was an enthusiast of Art and craft, admirer of nature and an ardent lover of the Yoruba culture. (swipe to see her picture–3rd picture). She was a chief priestess of the Osun goddess during her lifetime. Born in the year 1915  and died, 12th of January 2009 at age 93 at her Osogbo residence.

Picture of Adunni Olorisa

The Brazilian style house which she lived in since 1958 till her death, contains over 400 pieces  of artworks made by the local and traditional artists she worked with. It presently accommodates her adopted daughter Chief Priestess Adedoyin Faniyi who welcomes visitors to the place.Surprised how a white woman became a priestess of an African deity? 

 Susan Wenger had come to Nigeria as a tourist with her Austrian husband Beier and got  ill with tuberculosis. She was later healed by a Yoruba priestess in Osogbo who treated her traditionally. Susan then decided to stay back in Osogbo after developing great interest in the Yoruba culture and Art. With time she learnt a lot about the Yoruba culture in it’s entirety and crafts and even began tutoring so many people. She later became a priestess of Osun and worked to promote the Yoruba culture to tourist who came all over the world to visit the groove. She was very active and vibrant in keeping the Yoruba religion and culture. Her great passion to see the Yoruba vulture kept alive is still being spoken of by those she tutored and mentored.

The house contain several sculpted art work has shown below. Art work displaying traditional dancers and the Yoruba religion arts and craft work.

The picture below shows the sculpted statue of Susan, her husband, her dog and the people she worked with at the Osun-Osogbo sacred groove.

Susan later divorced her husband after it was clear she would not be returning to her home-country and in 1959 she got married a local drummer Ayansola Oniru and settled down in Osogbo till her death.

I particularly love Susan’s story for her selflessness and passion to promote a culture she was not born with. That is so adorable. What do you think?? Let me know **cheers**

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