Lagos Mega City: The Land of Non-Stop Hustle

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Lagos, there also exist a lively social life and recreation centres and activities scattered across the city. From the mainland to the highland to every nook and cranny of this industrial hub. The city is home for everyone. It tells you it’s ever ready to either spite up your day or equally spice it up. With every tribe from the breadth of the whole country represented here one can say the multicultural dimension to Lagos is what makes it have it’s own speciality and peculiarity. Lagos throw you the dash to create your own story from it and leaves you to your fate to hustle through it. Along the line many lost their way around the dash and can’t even navigate to where they came from. So, they remain stuck in the ever welcoming city. Few have found their own stand and have made good use of the opportunities the city provides. I have come to realise even most people that stay in Lagos do not usually go out to visit places, explore and find out more about their environment. They are most times refined to just their own immediate community. When asked the ever busy Lagos life excuse is used, but at then once in a while we all need to unwind and enjoy every lovely part of this city. Visit , travel, experience and live the Lagos life.

Places to visit in Lagos ;

** Badagry : The land of great historical facts and stories. It has a museum and lots of recreation centres around it.
** The famous third mainland bridge : The bridge which is the longest in Nigeria and the 3rd longest bridge in Africa has a beautiful site to it with it’s long stretch of water view.
** Freedom Park, Lagos.
** National Museum and the National Arts, Theater Lagos
** Tinubu Square : Dedicated to the Nigerian businesswoman and patriot who lived in the 19th century and was born in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Western Nigeria, to a trading family.
** Lekki Conservation center, Lagos, Nigeria : The Centre is run by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. It has a great wildlife viewing setting with beautiful and adventure walkways.

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